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Bridge Club of Lexington Standing Rules

Following are the "Standing Rules" of the Bridge Club of Lexington:

- A roster of club officials, board members and committee chairpersons along with phone numbers will be posted on the club bulletin board and the Bridge Club of Lexington Website.

- Newly elected Board Members will be appointed job responsibilities by the President and provided with a comprehensive job description by the Board Secretary.  The new Board Member and their predecessor will get together to discuss smooth transitioning. 

- Club sanctions for upcoming games will be prepared by the President.

- A monthly schedule of club games and special events will be published and distributed by the 1st of the month.  A larger schedule/calendar will be posted on the club bulletin board.

- A letter book of all club correspondence will be maintained by the Secretary.

- Keys will be transferred to authorized individuals through the Facilities Director who will log in and out the keys.  For Security purposes, keys will be collected by a Board Member when individuals no longer have a Bridge Club need for them.  A key list will be updated and maintained by the Facilities Director.  Anyone making an illegal key will be barred from having a key to the club for a minimum of 1 year.

- A Potluck and a Charity Game will be held in Memory of any member  who passes away.  The Charity will be the member’s chosen charity.  Additionally $25 from the club will be donated to the same charity in their Memory.

- A Charity Game will be held in Memory of any member’s spouse who passes away.

- The Treasurer shall post the Financial Report and the Secretary shall post the prior Month’s Approved Board Meeting Minutes on the Club Bulletin Board following the Monthly Board Meetings.

- The Treasurer shall keep on hand an Emergency Cash Reserve equal to approximately six months of operating expenses (rent, utilities and taxes, etc.).

- Authorized signatures on all checking/savings accounts will be updated as appropriate.  Two persons shall be authorized to sign checks, the Treasurer and the President.

- Financial records will be reviewed on a regular basis (at least every two years) by a financial professional.  Tax returns will be filed quarterly or annually, as required.

- In an effort to maintain prudent financial procedures, club members who purchase materials and supplies for the club must have a Board Member’s approval for purchases exceeding $25.

- The Bridge Club of Lexington will be closed during all Unit 164 Lexington Sectional Tournaments and during the November Regional co-sponsored by Unit 164.

 - Stationary Seating requires possession of a Handicapped Parking Pass Issued by the State of KY.  The only exception is if a player has a temporary injury and is immobile.

- Directors should generally avoid playing in a game that they are directing; however we will allow the following exceptions:

  • To complete a pair in the event one member of a partnership does not arrive, even if it creates a half table.  (Don’t allow this to be a consistent excuse for a player who abuses this privilege)
  • To make a game for a non-Lexington club visitor even if it makes a half table.  (Same rule as above applies – at some reasonable time even a repeat visitor will be expected to solicit their own partners)
  • To make a full table in very small games (5 tables, or under) by calling in someone to play with the Director and awarding a free game.  The Director and/or the person called in to complete a table may have to be marked “ineligible” if their master point rating does not fit the game.
  • A Director who is subbing “at the last minute” who already has a scheduled game with a partner.  Even so, if it is a large game (over 10 tables) and  circumstances permit, we recommend finding another partner for your partner so you will not have to play.
  • Directors may routinely play in any game that consistently averages 7 or less tables when measured over a several month span.  On those occasions where a small game is “opened” up, such as a holiday game or ACBL event where more participation is expected, the Director should make every effort not to play.  Just as in the above guideline, if circumstances permit, we recommend finding another partner for your partner so you will not have to play.
  • Note: Playing Directors with a “Standing Partnership” is expected to pay for their game.  All other situations will be a “free game” and reported in the Directors Log.
  • In short, no Director should have a standing partnership scheduled for any game averaging over 7 tables that they are normally responsible for directing.

- The Victory Point Scale for Club Games is the 30 Victory Point Scale.

-  When possible, appeals of table call decisions should be made immediately to the DIC or a Board Member present at the game so the DIC or Board Member can form a committee of 3 members present to hear the appeal.  Score corrections or the request for score corrections must be submitted to the DIC or Board Member no later than 24 hours from the end of the game.

- Score corrections can only be made by the Director of the game or by another Director when instructed by the DIC of the game.

-  Everyone is prohibited from producing any custom reports for anyone not currently an active Director and/or Board Member of the Bridge Club of Lexington and any such reports are never to be distributed outside of that circle without Board Review and Approval.  Any report(s) run must be to serve some legitimate need to support the running of the club/unit. The ACBL Privacy Policy is the authority for this action. 

- If a player is late for a club game and HE/SHE DOES NOT CALL TO SAY THAT THEY ARE COMING AND WILL BE LATE, penalties will be assessed by the game Director of ¼ board if 0-5 minutes late and ½ board if greater than 5 minutes late.  Official time is cell phone time.  Also, a log or listing of late players with dates and time of arrival will be kept in the Director’s Manual.  If habitual, greater penalties can be assessed after the 3rd infraction in a six month period  or the players can be sent home and not allowed to play.   With that being said, we are a player-oriented club and the goal of this policy is to accommodate those players who arrive on time.

If a Team Game  and a member of the team does not call to say that they are coming and will be late,  appropriate penalties will be assessed as 3 IMPS taken from the offending team (but not added to the non-offending team).  Do not send a team home if they arrive by the starting time of the game, whether they have signed up to play or not.  Even if the game hasn’t started and they arrive late, if you can easily readjust the game with little or no disruption to the other players, please do so without penalty.  Otherwise the newly arrived team should not play.  Again, all players need to do is CALL IF THEY ARE RUNNING LATE…..that solves the game setup problem and everyone will be happy!

- All Swiss Team Games on our Calendar will be Special Fund Games ($1 extra) benefiting one of the following:

     * National Charity

     * Local Charity

     * Educational Foundation

     * Junior Fund

     * International Fund

     * Grass Roots

- ACBL requires that all Special Fund Games during January May be Grass Roots,  February be Junior Fund Games,  April be Charity games, and during September be International Fund Games.

-  High School and Full Time College Students up to age 26 playing at our club play for $3.

- All 8 is Enough games will be run as OPEN games.

- No Mid-Chart bids are allowed in Bridge Club of Lexington Club games.

- An Anniversary Game will be scheduled when possible, as a special game in the month of April.  Actual new facility completion date was April 20, 2009.

- The Bridge Club of Lexington sells Discount Cards starting in June for the Calendar Year July 1 to June 30th.  In the event snowbirds or players moving into our club wish to purchase discount cards during the year, they may be prorated by calendar quarter (only, not by month).  Thus someone purchasing a discount card in October through December would pay 75% of the original cost, January through March 50%, and April and May 25%.

- Those persons using the Bridge Club of Lexington to teach lessons for which a fee is charged, shall pay a facilities rental fee of 10% of the revenue generated after expenses for copying, etc.  Failure to make such payment may result in the denial of any future use of the Bridge Club of Lexington for teaching.  Rent is due at the end of the series of classes or by the 5th of the month for ongoing lessons.

- No player, teacher, director, or board member shall use the Club for personal activities.  No one should be at the club unless  playing, directing, teaching a class which is on the calendar, participating in a club meeting, making boards, doing IT/systems work, doing repairs or cleaning.  Any of these activities must be conducted with the knowledge of the Board of Officers.

- Directors are expected to arrive at the club at least an hour before the start of the game and leave the club approximately one half hour after the conclusion of the game.

- Directors and Teachers must encourage the players or students to clean up after themselves.  When they do not, the Director or Teacher is required to do it.

     - Boards must be put away

     - Chairs pushed under the tables

    - Trash cleared from the tables and floor

    - Kitchen counter tops cleaned off and snack containers closed and straightened

   -  Coffee pot burners must be turned off and coffee pots emptied and cleaned

   -  Garbage cans over half full should be emptied (food in garbage cans draw bugs) 

- Pets are not allowed at the Bridge Club.  Not only are they distracting, someone might trip or fall as a result of their being there.

- Psyches are not permitted at the Bridge Club of Lexington more than one time per session.  A psyche is a deceptive bid that deliberately and grossly misstates the bidder’s high card values or suit length.  A psyche frequently is disruptive to the game and it often infuriates the opponents; however, it is part of the game of bridge.  Anyone psyching more than once a session will be given zeroes on the additional boards where psyching occurs.  Opponents who have been psyched against should report all psyches to the director in charge who keeps a log in the Director’s log book of person’s psyching to ensure that psyches are limited. Underbidding ones values when partner has psyched is absolutely forbidden.  The partner of the psycher is required to bid his/her values and is not allowed to guess whether partner is psyching.  Failure to do so will also result in a zero.  

- If the Board of the Bridge Club of Lexington invites a player to take the Director’s test, then the Bridge Club of Lexington will reimburse those test exam expenses up to $20.

- The telephone listing of the Bridge Club of Lexington will be updated at least twice a year for member convenience.

Submitted by:  Sondra Holt
Date:                 June 19th, 2012
Revised:            January 20, 2014
Revised:            October 13, 2014
Revised:            June 4, 2015
Revised:            August 10, 2015
Revised:            October 10, 2016


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